Friday, May 4, 2012

Sail On!

Sail on! Sail on! Great ship Titanic! TITANIC HAS OPENED!
MAY 2 -5, 2012 - Tuacahn Amphitheatre

Almost immediately the wind kicked up and the flags were flying
right into the face of the driver. Hilarious!

Morse code or ipod?

Doin' the Latest Rag - looks more like squashing the latest bug.... we are in an amphitheatre after all.

Mr. Mustachio and his wife Alice

We're so grateful the show if finally open!

What the heck are my words here?

I've been wearing gray hairspray since I got to this high school. Now the beard and mustache...this is ridiculous!

Let me guess, the facial hair arrived?

Dry stage...

...wet stage. Wet actor.

Oh my back...

My MY boat...I saw it first...