Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holladay for the Holidays

I miss my blog so much. I have six posts that are half finished and all I need is a little...some...a bunch of free time. I wish this was the kind of blog that was more like an expanded Facebook post. I've seen and admired the people that can pop out a profound 1000 word blog/journal post in minutes.

But I can't.

Plus, in order to properly purge, my blogs run around 5000 words (as you well know.)

Sorry about that.

Blogs, a good blog post for Other-Peoples-Kids takes me forever. So I've intimidated myself into thinking that without three to...twelve hours...uh hem...I just shouldn't write.

So I haven't.

But that is partly because Andy and I just moved into a condo in Holladay, Utah! Hurray! Exotic basement living wasn't bad at all, (hehehe....there are about five unfinished blogs there...) the internet connection was if-fy, the dogs were making us all nuts, getting up at 4:30 to get to work was, really WAS, turning me into a walking zombie since I had to be at school until midnight rehearsing and producing a musical with 80 lovely kids that all had fifteen questions each and I seemed to be the only person with the matching answers, and up again at 4:30....

I digress...

I hear Zombies have gotten cool though.

So the musical was great (there's a couple of blogs there). I was the kind of tired that makes you want to hurt people...all the time...makes you want to cry at the sight of a Diet Coke, and makes you want to eat everything in sight, which I did. I just blamed it on my yearly "stomach expansion plans" for Thanksgiving. My birthday was my "1 Year Sober Diet Coke" anniversary. I still dream about it (being young and drinking Diet Coke).

Oh yeah...and for my 48th birthday we moved out of my mom's house. Hahaha...not too many people can say that!

Nor should they.

Thanksgiving immediately followed the musical closing and since the entire family was in town for the turkey, we forced them into a labor camp duty called "moving Jandy." Of course, with that many people it only took about four minutes. JUST KIDDING. My family is incredible for spending their vacation loading and emptying a 26-foot Uhaul. Yep. And every vehicle was also full. Even the teenagers were on hand! Teenagers are awesome.

There are about 10 boxes still to deal with, but as my brother said, "for the most part Cinderella, we only had to cut off your last two toes to get your foot into the slipper."

We've worked...and after work, we've done nothing but empty boxes. The most amazing thing however, is that Friday morning the Comcast guy came and reconnected me to the world!

Wait! Lest we take a breath to we signed the closing papers on our house in St. George. We no longer own anything in that town except our deep and abiding love for the 13 people that still call us "family" (even though we made them work through Thanksgiving...we love you so much!) I didn't expect to get so emotional about it. But I did. We spent 6 newlywed years in that house. We have SO many beloved friends there too...

But here we are in Holladay for the holidays! How bad could a town be that's named after vacation time? I'm going to catch up on the blogging...and do some laundry...and breath...and make toffee and...put up the tree...and sew a few gifts...and shop (I hate shopping)....and if anyone needs a Santa (Mrs. Santa optional) this season, we can be ready to go in a matter of minutes and we'll work for gift cards, tips or chocolate.


Maybe someone should teach me how to relax.

But when?

P.S. Thanks to our new internet connection this only took me an hour! Woot! It's not even 1:00 yet!